Electric Cart

Electric Cart Electric Cart
  • Hauls Up to 3000 lbs
  • Ride-On or Walk-Along Operations
  • Custom Bed, Table, Shelf Options
  • 0-5 MPH Ride-On Mode
  • 0-3 MPH Walk-Along Mode
  • 36 volt 3 Battery System
  • Charger works with 120/220 Hrz Outlets




The WagonCaddy R/W Electric Cart is a battery powered platform cart that carries supplies and equipment from one location to another while the operator either "rides-on" or "walks-along". The 36 volt, 3 12 volt battery system can travel at speeds of up to 5 mph. The operator can stand on and travel with the electric cart and when arriving to his destination, can step down and slowly walk along side when maneuvering the cart in tight, confirmed spaces. Applications for the WagonCaddy R/W Electric Cart exist in environments where women and elderly employees comprise a large part of the works force. The Electric Cart enables these employees to easily handle the tasks of moving boxes and supplies that otherwise would be left for an employee with more physical strength. The Electric Powered Cart allows your workforce to be more productive and human resources can hire employees for a position that may require some physical labor without having to take physical power into account.

Features and Specifications

Features and Specifications:

  1. The WagonCaddyRW Electric Cart comes standard with a 36-volt system, 3 12-volt batteries, designed to give the operator 16-hours of continuous use, without moving a load, before recharging. Plenty of battery life to usually last two shifts.
  2. The Electric Cart has a variable speed thumb twist for forward and reverse directions from 0 to 3 mph. The ergonomically correct variable speed feature prevents carpal tunnel and allows the operator to maintain smooth control while intricately maneuvering his load. The WagonCaddyRW's ability to go 3 mph allows the machine plenty of power to keep up with the operator without frustration from waiting for a slowly operating machine when operating the unit from point A to B through-out your facility
  3. The safety stop switch positioned at the back of the handle bar box immediately stops the tow tractor when depressed to prevent any possible injury from operating the device. This feature is a must when buying any piece of power equipment.
  4. The WagonCaddyRW Electric Cart is designed for easy maneuvering and intricate maneuvering of heavy equipment and supplies. The WagonCaddyRW can pivot a full 360 degrees.

Standard Electric Cart Features

  • Tubular Steel Electric Cart Frame
  • 1500 lb. Differential / Trans axle
  • High Tech Speed Controller
  • Neutral Throttle Braking
  • Adjustable Acceleration/Braking
  • 36v(3) 115 Amp Batteries
  • Variable Speed Thumb Twist
  • 0-3 mph Forward/ Reverse
  • Non-Marking Tires
  • Battery Discharge Indicator
  • Automatic Charger

Optional Electric Cart Features

  • Foam Filled Tires
  • Safety Stop Switch and Guard Kit
  • Larger Bed
  • Safety Horn
  • Internal Charger
  • Sealed Batteries